Wholesale only. Get delivered directly to your shop or art gallery worldwide. $1,000 minimum order.

How it works

Please note that this is a wholesale-only store. We do not ship to private individuals. 


If you are a wholesale buyer, these are the simple steps to follow: 

Step 1
Select merchandise and place your order request through the website, selecting "Payment Upon Fulfillment" at checkout. Minimum $1,000 per order.
Receive by email the estimated delivery date and fees for your order request, send your formal approval by email.
Pay for the merchandise and delivery fees via our website (secure payment via credit card or PayPal) when the goods are ready to ship (up to 90 days).
Merchandise ships directly to your location with tracking info.


Shipping information:

For delivery to the US, we ship from Massachusetts with USPS or FedEx. 

For delivery overseas, we ship either from Connecticut or from the artisans' workshops with DHL or FedEx. 


Customer Support:

If you have any questions about the products, ordering process or shipping charges, contact us.