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About Atelier East West

Sule Ozturkmen - President

Born in Turkey. Educated in the U.S.A, Turkey and France. Multilingual, global entrepreneur. Sule has lived in five countries and travelled through 5 continents. She has adopted a global sense of style. She has been involved in Textile production from design to sourcing and production for over 15 years, developing an expertise in global manufacturing and business. Indigenous arts and crafts has touched her soul and vision of self and style. Sule is excited to share her visions with you through the products represented here.

About Atelier East West
Unique objects, crafts and art are our passion. We are dedicated to offering you some of these beautiful, exceptional pieces of art and crafts for your home. At Atelier East/West, we intend to bring inspiration, and/or emanate a spark of magic into your life/home. Every piece has a story to tell, since it was touched and shaped by the artist individually. We hope that it will continue to evolve in your home. We are committed to high quality. We take pride in representing each piece that has been carefully hand crafted or designed by the artist. We also appreciate the subtle variations that make each handmade piece completely unique. These variations are intrinsic to the beauty of each piece. We pride ourselves on providing an excellent shopping experience. Please contact us if you need assistance in making the right decision with your selection or any other questions you might have.